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Hello! We are Bridget and Matthew. Bridget was born and raised in Toronto, where she developed a love for arts and culture. Her passion led her to NYC to study music. She then returned back home to study and work in advertising, at which point she met Matthew in the city. Matthew grew up on a 100 acre farm in the Grey County region, before attending schools in Ottawa and Toronto. He then moved to Vancouver for work, until an opportunity arose to start his new career on Manitoulin Island in 2010. In 2016, Bridget and Matthew opened The Mutchmor, combining their individual desires of opening a cafe and gallery. When not working, Bridget and Matthew love to travel around the world and have visited numerous cities in North America and many countries in both Central and South America, along with Africa, Asia and Europe. However, when they return to Manitoulin Island, they always realize how much beauty there is in their own backyard. Through the experiences of living in both the big cities and small villages, and exploring the world, Bridget and Matthew hope to share how this has shaped their lives with what they offer in The Mutchmor.

We would like to thank you for supporting our businesses, The Mutchmor, Peace Cafe and Lake Huron Fish + Chips. Our goal is to bring community together through art, culture, food, coffee and friends. Located just steps from the beautiful Providence Bay beach, our 10,000 square foot historical building is a Manitoulin Island staple for locals and visitors.

What we offer

Art Gallery

Local Goods Shop

Antique Shop


Rental Lofts

Lake Huron Fish & Chips Restaurant

On-Site Registered Massage Therapist

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Community Events

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